Foxes and Magnolias

Poetry for keepsakes, for longing, for letting go.


I was talking to a friend

and after five or six beers in

he said,


I want to feel like a piece of garbage

so that I can feel love,

because that’s what love is




There’s a way they all smile

after making me come

or thinking I had.

Goodbye, Sorry

I’ve written so many poems

fishing for words

to say goodbye,

I’m sorry.


I can’t find them,

the words.



Medicine Cabinet


I wonder how long my toothbrush will be there

in the medicine cabinet, lying next to yours.

I hope to know you’re not waiting

for me to use it again,

loving you like I wanted to,

like you hoped I would.


Too many boys are in love with me.

Why do they love me

like that?

I wish I could love them like that



Last night we began

to come up with a language of touch.

One finger means this,

two means that,

three- us or we.

I wonder how full our dictionary will be

by the time we are 80,

still touching each other.


A little tribe:


my dog,