Foxes and Magnolias

Poetry for keepsakes, for longing, for letting go.

Love Each Other New

There are ways we’ve both been marred before,

left aching to the bone

because of things we’ve been told

from the lips of those

we’d loved before,


because of the bruises left

by the hands of those

that loved us once.


Let us discover roads

we’ve never known alone.

Let us learn

what love is meant to mean.


We are not the years behind us

or the scars we still hold.

We are not each other’s past lovers,

let us love each other new.


Let us let go

of the pain we’ve know love to mean,

let us love each other new.


In Range

All of the mountain ranges and

days between us now


I wonder when we’ll be in range again


Steel cut oats and apples

simmering in a pot this morning


I eat them slowly,

noticing time

Heathered Blue and Gray Skies

I put my fingers in the lake today,

just at the edge

where the water advances to and recedes from


I thought that maybe

the lake would carry a message to you,

through the rivers and into the oceans

and then

into other rivers and lakes again

until it found you


and maybe you’d be touching the water too,

knowing that I’ve been thinking of you

Burning With You

You kissed me and I think a wildfire

went loose in frenzy

all the way to my toes,

to my bones.


We’d sit back, breathe a moment

and you’d nod, so subtly, “yes”,

almost as though

you were speaking to the ways of the universe

for what was happening

right then.


You can throw logs on my fire

night after night

and I will keep burning with you.


Keep setting me on fire

and I will find warmth for you.

Let’s discover how many ways

we can fuel a fire

and see if it can’t be confined.

Every Season Long

I met you on a Friday night,

on Saturday, Sunday came too soon.

On Monday I wanted to spend Tuesday all day long, right next to you.

The next week, I already knew

you’re the man I want to get married to.


You look like the moon rolling over the bed of your truck

in the middle of the afternoon.

You sound like a real man

singing songs over the strings of your guitar

in the middle of my living room.

Let’s make love

every way we can dream of.

Let’s roll around till the sun goes down,

wait up talking till it comes rising from the ground again.


I want to love you every season long.

I want to kiss you like this is it,

like this is all there is.

Babe, you and me

every season long

like this is it.

I Find You in the Leaves

All the leaves on the ground-

dried and curling,

browning now in process of decomposing.


The sun shines at the Japanese Maple-

(you taught me what these are)

this one yellow and warm

and sings soft songs as the wind passes through.


How many leaves will drop

between now and the time I see you again?

How many songs will the trees sing with wind

before I can hear your sweet songs again?